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BLACK LORD 2x Squat Rack Adjustable Lifting Barbell Stand Fitness Weight Gym

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BLACK LORD® Squat Rack

Going to the gym is a great habit. However, when you factor in repeated packing and unpacking a gym bag, long drive time to and from the gym, and waiting in line for equipments, a half-hour workout could easily turn into a two-hour affair. Easy access to fitness in this busy world is crucial, so why not create your personal gym at home? With our BLACK LORD® squat rack, you can surely maximize your workout time.

This squat rack contributes to a wide array of exercises, including squats, deadlifts, weight presses with an additional bench. It is a great device at home and can reach your workout aims for sure.

The upper rack can be adjusted to 6 height positions and the barbell holder in the middle can also be adjusted to 5 height positions, so as to fit each person's height and the customized base width can better meet your exercise needs. You could have it as low as it will go into bench presses and then raise it up to a high position for squats.

Constructed from quality steel, the squat rack is designed to be durable with 200kg weight capacity and offers rock-solid stability. The gorgeous powder-coated paint job will keep it looking fresh for years to come. Crafted with safety in mind, the rack is also equipped with sturdy rubber feet to keep the metal frame from damaging flooring and to keep the rack in place.

Stay healthy and in shape despite being indoors. Wait no more! This BLACK LORD® multi-functional squat rack will definitely revolutionize your home or garage gym experience.



* Heavy-duty 50X50mm steel tube frame with durable powder coating

* 6 adjustable positions in height for upper rack with lock pins

* 5 adjustable positions in height for barbell holder in the middle with quick-release knob

* Customized rack width for ultra flexibility

* Perfect to use in your home gym for squats and bench presses

* Target a variety of muscle groups like your arms, legs, waist, hips, abdomen, etc

* Dual triangular support bars for each rack base

* Steady H-shape base for excellent stability

* Rubber end caps protect your floor from scratches and provide grip to keep racks from sliding



* Colour: Black

* Material: Steel

* Weight capacity: 200kg

* Main tube: 50 x 50mm tubing frame

* Overall Dimensions: 49cm (rack width) x 54.5cm x 124 - 168cm (rack height), refer to dimension photo for detailed sizes

* Assembly required: Yes

Package Contents

* 2 x BLACK LORD Squat Rack

* 1 x Assembly Manual