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BLACK LORD Weight Bench 10in1 Press Multi-Station Fitness Home Gym Equipment

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BLACK LORD? 10-IN-1 Weight Bench

Going to the gym is a great habit. However, when you factor in repeated packing and unpacking a gym bag, long drive time to and from the gym, and waiting in line for equipments, a half-hour workout could easily turn into a two-hour affair. Easy access to fitness in this busy world is crucial, so why not create your personal gym at home? With our BLACK LORD? weight bench, you can surely maximize your workout time.

This 10-in-1 weight bench is the ultimate in a wide array of full-body workouts, including military press, bench press, incline press, chest flys, sit ups, leg curls, lying leg curl, preacher cul exercises, one-arm row, etc. One of the special features is the advanced preacher curl bench for building bigger biceps. It definitely is the top of your gym wish list. With 5-position backrest adjustment, this weight bench can be set for the most optional pressing positions with ease. Besides hitting the chest, you can also use the bench for leg extensions and leg curls after removing the preacher curl pad. It can be removed really easy, by simply twisting a knob. So you can literally get a full-body workout with this piece of equipment.

Constructed from quality steel, extra-thick foam, and breathable but sweat-proof faux leather, the bench is designed to be durable with 330kg weight capacity and offers rock-solid stability. With 100cm unparalleled bench press width, narrow is not even a thing. The gorgeous powder-coated paint job will keep it looking fresh for years to come. The dual-action leg developer is fitted with adjustable and high density foam rollers for added comfort. Better still, the bench also has rubber feet to keep the metal frame from damaging flooring and to keep the bench in place.

Stay healthy and in shape despite being indoors. Wait no more! This BLACK LORD? 10-in-1 weight bench will definitely revolutionize your home or garage gym experience.


* Heavy-duty 50X50mm steel tube frame with durable powder coating

* Advanced preacher curl bar - without big foam in the way

* Perfect for military press, bench press, incline press, chest flys, sit ups, leg curls, lying leg curl, preacher cul exercises, one-arm row

* Sweat-proof & anti-slip faux leather

* High density foam

* 5-position backrest adjustment

* Inbuilt dual-action leg developer with adjustable foam rollers ââââââââ‚?perfect for leg curls and lying leg curls

* Inbuilt weight horns for storing weight plates

* Suits standard barbell between 5ft and 7.2ft

* Bonus spring lock

* Reinforced U-shaped legs for ultra-stability

* Durable floor protectors



* Colour: Black

* Material: Steel

* Weight capacity:330KG

* Main tube: 50 x 50mm tubing frame

* Thickness of seat and backrest: 4.5cm

* Dimension: refer to dimension photo for detailed sizes

* Assembly required: Yes

Package Contents

* 1 x BLACK LORD Weight Bench

* 1 x Assembly Manual