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Starry Eucalypt

S.E. Bamboo Charcoal Pillowtop Mattress Topper Underlay Pad Cover Single 7cm

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Starry Eucalypt® Pillow Top Mattress Topper

- Bamboo Charcoal Design in 7cm Thick

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Do you wake up feeling like you barely slept at all? If you or your love has sleep problems like these, Starry Eucalypt® pillow top mattress topper will be an easy solution.

Filled with eco-friendly bamboo charcoal microfibre filling, our mattress topper offers comfort without odors and allergens. Plus, the naturally breathable and moisture-wicking cover is hypoallergenic. It’s easy to enhance your comfort or prolong the life of an older mattress with our topper. 45cm fitted skirt makes the topper stay firmly and smoothly attached to your mattress despite any tossing and turning through the night, meaning less of a tangled mess in the morning.

The baffle box construction with wave quilted stitching helps maintain loft, improve breathability and keep fill from shifting or clumping, providing lasting comfort and a touch of luxury. And our toppers are certified by OEKO-Tex, SGS, BSCI and CE.

Starry Eucalypt® has a wide range of sleeping preferences, browse our store and find out the solution to a good night's sleep.



* 1000gsm bamboo charcoal design

* Polyester cover, less shrinking or pilling

* 3D check pattern with wave quilted

* Elastic fitted skirt, fits up to 45cm thickness

* Eco-friendly microfibre fill

* Highly breathable design

* Even weight distribution

* Perfectly contours to shape of body

* Ideal for side, back, or stomach sleepers

* Dust mite and mould resistant

* Natural deodorization

* Allergy-proof and hygroscopic

* Certified by OEKO-Tex, SGS, BSCI, CE

* Machine washable



* Size: Single

* Dimensions: 188cm x 91cm x 7cm + 45cm fitted skirt

* Colour: Charcoal grey

* Cover Material: 100% polyester

* Fill Material: 1000 gsm microfibre, bamboo charcoal blend

Package Contents

1 x Starry Eucalypt Pillowtop Mattress Topper