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ALFORDSON Pool Cover 500 Microns Solar Blanket (10M X 4M)

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ALFORDSON Pool Cover 500 Microns Solar Blanket Swimming Isothermal 10X4M

ALFORDSON® Pool Cover - Blue/Silver Isothermal Design

Relaxing in the comfort of your swimming pool is the ultimate luxury. However, spending time and cost on pool maintenance can be disturbing. We, therefore, offer Alfordson® pool cover solutions that will surely cut down on energy use and costs, evaporation, and save you time.

Our solar pool cover can prevent pool water evaporation by up to 97%, increase water temperature by up to 8 degrees, reduce your heat loss by up to 75%, reduce your pools chemical consumption by up to 50% and keep your pool clear of leaves, insects and dirt.

Genuine 500 microns construction ââââ‚?Made of premium low density polyethylene (LDPE) with high UV light and chemical resistance, our pool cover is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Blue/Silver isothermal technology ââââ‚?Our cover is in a two-toned colour that combines the features of a blue and silver cover. The translucent top (blue) allows solar energy to enter into your pool, causing the water’s heat to rise. The opposite reflective silver material aids in preventing solar rays from escaping your pool, the silver reflects the heat back inwards allowing the pool to heat more than a simple blue solar cover. The natural heating and insulating saves you energy while also stopping evaporation.

FineDomeTM bubble design ââââ‚?Our unique moulding technique enables the polyethylene bubble layer to be formed in a profile that is consistent in thickness for greater strength and durability. The unique design means maximum insulation and minimized heat and water loss.

It is never too late to cover your pool. Alfordson® pool covers make maintaining a swimming pool a whole lot easier.


* Genuine 500 microns construction

* Blue top with silver underside design

* Innovative isothermal technology

* UV light and chemical resistant

* Welded joints for extra strength

* Efficient and retained water heating

* Prevent water evaporation by up to 97%

* Increase water temperature by up to 8 degrees

* Reduce chemical consumption in pool by up to 50%

* Keep the pool clear of leaves, insects and dirt

* Prevent filter from clogging

* Reduce water and electricity cost

* Perfect weight and thickness for ease of use and durability

* Easy to customize size by cutting

* Durable and long-lasting

* 6 sizes available to choose from


* Material: LDPE (low density polyethylene)

* Microns: 500

* Size: 10M x 4M

* Bubble diameter: 10mm

* Bubble height: 3.5mm

* Colour: Blue and silver

Package Contents

* 1 x Solar Pool Cover