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Starry Eucalypt Memory Foam Pillow Twin Pack Pillows Bamboo Fabric Cool Gel

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Starry Eucalypt® Memory Foam Pillow

As our slogan goes, "A good night sleep, a good day journey", we know how important a good night's sleep is to you. Whether you get hot and sweaty easily, you're prone to neck pain, or you simply like a little added comfort, investing in a Starry Eucalypt® shredded memory foam pillow is a great way to round out your bed linens.

This pillow provides an excellent combination of softness and outstanding support, allowing you to sleep more comfortable. The triple-layer cover is made with exclusive memory foam sheet on the inside for advanced support, breathable polyester liner in the middle for ventilation and extra protection, and soft bamboo fabric on the outside for softness. Not only that but the bamboo fabric is also removable and washable, which will keep your pillow fresh for years to come. As a bonus, the memory foam has cooling properties which help keep you from overheating.

Certified by SGS and OEKO, our pillow comes with 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Starry Eucalypt® aims at proving the best sleeping solution that will let you relax and get enough sleep. Don't spend another night being restless and sleepless. Place your order right away and have a good sleep with our shredded memory foam pillow!


* OEKO-Tex certified fabric

* Removable bamboo cover

* Lightweight airy liner - extra protection for inner fillings

* Exclusive memory foam sheet - smooth layer for advanced support

* 100% shredded memory foam filling

* Gel-infused memory foam mix

* Invisible zipper for better looking

* Conforms to your head and neck as you sleep for optimal comfort

* Ideal for stomach sleeper, side sleeper, back sleeper

* Highly breathable design

* In-house testing for material durability - pressing 50,000 times

* In-house testing for material durability - trundling 50,000 times

* Certified by OEKO-Tex, SGS, BSCI, CE

* Anti-bacterial and anti-mites

* Great gift for your family



* Cover: 40% bamboo, 60% polyester

* Filling: shredded memory foam

* Dimension: 90cm x 50cm

* Original thickness: 15cm

* Package: twin pack

Package Contents

2 x Memory Foam Pillow