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Starry Eucalypt

S.E. Memory Foam Mattress Topper Airflow Zone Cool Gel Bamboo Underlay 5cm KS

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Starry Eucalypt Memory Foam Topper with Bamboo Cover

- Exclusive Airflow Design in 5cm Thick

As our slogan goes, "A good night sleep, a good day journey", we know how important a good night's sleep is to you, that's why our Airflow Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper is created.

Made from supreme Visco elastic memory foam with a perfect percentage of 20% cool gel properties, you can be assured that our 5cm thick memory topper provides optimal sleep during the warmer as well as cooler months of the year.

The mattress topper have valleys and peaks design all along, creates better airflow and ensures that your entire body gets the same comfort. You can place the mattress topper with points facing up or down, depending on your preferences.

The removable and machine-washable jacquard bamboo fabric cover is hypoallergenic with an anti-skid base to keep it firmly in place on your bed.

We carry out compulsory in-house testing for each batch of our toppers to ensure its durability and elasticity, it is a testing of Pressing 50,000 times and Trundling 50,000 times. And our toppers are certified by CertiPUR , CertiPUR-US , OEKO-Tex, SGS, BSCI and CE.

Upgrade your old mattress to luxury enjoyment; take out the topper for your casual guest; keep your noisy bunk bed silent; and take the topper with you in your bumpy camping trip. Starry Eucalypt, "A good night sleep, a good day journey".


* 100% Visco cool gel memory foam

* Perfectly contours to shape of body

* Valleys and peaks design, terrific pressure relief

* Increases airflow to keep cool

* Extraordinary weight distribution

* Minimise motion disturbance

* Body heat dissipation

* Ideal for both warm and cool days

* In-house testing - pressing 50,000 times

* In-house testing - trundling 50,000 times

* Certified by CertiPUR , CertiPUR-US , OEKO-Tex, SGS, BSCI, CE

* Eco-friendly jacquard bamboo fabric

* Removable & machine-washable zipper cover

* Dust mite and mould resistant

* Natural deodorization

* Allergy-proof

* Anti-static and hygroscopic

* Anti-skid base

* 4 thick corner elastic bands ensure a secure fit

* A perfect gift for occasions like housewarming, weddings, anniversary, birthdays


* Size: King Single

* Dimension: 203 x 107 x 5 cm

* Model: Exclusive airflow design

* Foam:

60kg/m3 high density cool gel memory foam

100% Visco elastic memory foam

20% perfect percentage of cool gel

* Cover: Eco-friendly bamboo fabric cover

Package Contents

1 x Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cover