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STARRY EUCALYPT Single Mattress Bonnell Spring Single Size Foam Bed Medium 18cm

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Starry Eucalypt® Euro Top Mattress - LIPI Collection

As our slogan goes, "A good night sleep, a good day journey". A good mattress offers a perfect balance of required comfort and support, keeping the natural spinal alignment and body posture in place, thus significantly enhancing the quality of sleep. We absolutely agree with that so we are here to present you with our Starry Eucalypt® luxury mattress ââââ‚?LIPI Collection.

With the OEKO-Tex certified innovative silver-ions knitted fabric on top of the mattress, it moves with you to maximize comfort. For great pressure relieving capacity, the generous memory foam layer and high resilience egg crate foam will improve blood circulation to muscles and skin, enabling you to fully relax.

Aside from being comfortable, our DuraCoilTM bonnell spring system inside the mattress is steady and supportive. Being an interconnected mesh of spring coils, the bonnell spring system gives consistent support throughout the bed surface. This spring system particularly helps elevate & align the spine and surrounding muscles together, providing a steady support to the back. In the meantime, The innerspring coils wound together support each other and prevent sagging. The surface stays flat despite any amount of pressure and this helps prevent sagging and deterioration of the internal springs and layers of foam.

Having 30-year manufacturing experience in this industry, Starry Eucalypt® combines the best materials and innovative technology to create this improved euro top mattress. We’ve got your back. Upgrade your old mattress today to luxury enjoyment.


* 18cm thick Euro top mattress

* Maximum airflow circulation design

* Adapts to all body types and sleep positions

* Relieve pressure for joints and muscle

* Better blood circulation

* No stress on spine

Top quilt

* 320g/m2 innovative silver-ions knitted fabric, gentle on skin

* OEKO-TEX textile certified, free of harmful substance

* Breathable air mesh side fabric

* Dust mite and mould resistant

* Anti-static and hygroscopic

Comfortable layers

* Supportive memory foam, ensures everything above it performs at its best

* High resilience egg crate foam, pressure-relief comfort layer

* CertiPUR® certified and CertiPUR-US® certified foams

Supportive bonnell spring system

* DuraCoilTM system gives consistent support

* Helps elevate & align the spine and surrounding muscles

* Reinforced edge support, avoid rolling off

* Prevent sagging

* 6-turn triple tempered steel coil

* Designed to be used on one side only ââââ‚?no need to turn.


* In-house testing - pressing 50,000 times

* In-house testing - trundling 50,000 times

* Certified by CertiPUR® , CertiPUR-US®, OEKO-Tex, SGS

* Luxury medium firm design

* Firmness rating: 6.5 out of 10

* Product size: 188 x 92 x 18 cm

Package Contents

* 1x Euro Top Mattress


* Vacuum and rolled packaging in a box, the mattress will expand greatly in seconds and resume normal size within 1 day.