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Starry Eucalypt

S.E. Folding Mattress Fabric Foldable Sofa Lounge Foam Chair Portable Double

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Starry Eucalypt Folding Mattress with Breathable Fabric Cover

The Starry Eucalypt Folding Mattress is ideal for quick nap and sleepovers. It transforms to cozy bed for casual visitors, playground for kids, tatami at office, upgraded mattress to folding bed, and uncompromised mattress at camp.

It is foldable and light weight, simply lay it and enjoy, or fold it and hide all by yourself.

The breathable linen fabric is so gentle and skin-friendly. It covers the odourless premium density foam, with no chemical smell at all. Featuring high breathability, thermal and sound insulating, our folding mattress is also certified by SGS as anti-dust mite, and granted authorization to OEKO-TEX.

Unlike other sellers, our folding mattress comes with anti-skid base, ensuring a sound sleep even you toss and turn. More importantly, the anti-skid layer will remind you of the correct side to sleep on, especially after you fold and transform it for times aââ€?your face may be covered by dust if you miss this.

The Starry Eucalypt Folding Mattress is available in multiple designs and transforms, browse our store today and choose one that best fits.


* Ideal for quick nap and sleepovers

* Foldable as bed, sofa

* Anti-skid base advises correct side to sleep on

* Those without anti-skid base, you may sleep on ground side

* Light weight and easy storage

* Breathable linen fabric

* Odourless density foam

* No chemical smell

* Highly breathable material

* Thermal and sound insulating

* Zipped and removable cover

* Washable fabric cover

* Certified by SGS and OEKO-TEX

* Fit for household, office and camping use


* Cover material: Linen fabric

* Foam: 30 kg/m high density foam

* Overall size: 190 cm x 130 cm x 10 cm

* Close to double size

* Colour: Dark grey

Package Contents

1 x Starry Eucalypt Folding Mattress

1 x User Manual