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Black Lord

BLACK LORD Kettlebell Set 20kg Adjustable Weight Lifting Dumbbell Push Up Gym

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BLACK LORD® 4-IN-1 Multifunctional Kettlebell Set

- Dare to be Great

Fitness should be simple and practical. But everything about packing a bag, climbing into the car, and heading to a gym is not. With our BLACK LORD® multipurpose kettlebell set, you can easily find out a workout oasis - a combination of strength training and high intensity cardio using kettlebell exercises.

The evolutionary design offers you exercises with weight plates, single kettlebell, double kettlebells, two-handle kettlebell and push-up stands, also allowing you to achieve full-body strength conditioning, endurance training, balance and flexibility training. Its versatility maximally fulfills your workout routine.

With high density rubber, the handles offer a comfortable grip and prevent slipping during your workouts. Also, the bases and weight plates will not damage the floor as easy as metal ones.

It’s highly recommended to incorporate kettlebells into your resistance training routine. There are many exercises like Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Goblet Squat, Single-Arm Kettlebell Split Jerk, that will target your entire body. The benefits of using kettlebells are not only promoting coordination and stability for muscles and joints, but also burning calories.

Not just at home, this set is also an option when you need a break at office or have fun outdoors. Thanks to the detachable design, it’s easy to be stored or transported.

Whether you’re just a beginner or a fitness pro, this BLACK LORD® comprehensive kettlebell set is an incredible fitness resource that you can’t miss!


* Comprehensive 4-in-1 set:

   Weight plates

   Single kettlebell/ double kettlebells

   Two-handle kettlebell

   Push-up stands

* Multifunctional and versatile set

* Exercise your muscles in all directions

* Non-slip kettlebell handle, ensure maximum safety when lifting weight

* Ergonomic handle for good grip

* Convert the dumbbells you've already had to a two-handle kettlebell in seconds with the handles.

* Fit 25mm dumbbell bars

* Built-in steel rod, stay sturdy and safe

* Rubber base, will not damage the floor as easy as metal ones

* Safety nuts for double protection

* Top-grade weight plates for long-term use

* Includes 8 weight plates, adjust weights at your preference

* Various weights available to meet different needs

* Ideal for professional body workouts, muscle gains and weight management

* Easy to assemble, store and transport

Note: Dumbbells are not included.


* Kettlebell handle material: Rubber

* Kettlebell rod material: Rubber coated steel

* Weight plates material: Rubber coated cast cement

* Total weight: 20 kg

* Dimensions: Detailed sizes refer to dimension photo

* Colour: Black and red

* Assembly required: Yes

* Number of packages: 2

Package Contents

* 2 x Kettlebell Handles

* 2 x Kettlebell Bases with Thread Rod

* 8 x 2.5 kg Weight Plates

* 2 x Spinlock Collars

* 1 x User Manual