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BEASTIE Cat Tree Tower Scratching Post Wood Scratcher Condo House Bed 141cm

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BEASTIE Wooden Cat Tree - 141 cm design

Are you looking for a fun and functional addition to your home for your furry friends? Check out our new BEASTIE Wooden Cat Tree!

Constructed of solid and sustainably sourced wood, BEASTIE cat tree has a sturdy structure that will last for years to come. It is designed to offer multiple large platforms for kitties to climb, hide, relax and play on. Your kitties will love the fun that is available from different spots.

Better still, a cozy condo, a high quality see-through bowl, large plush dens and dangly balls keep them entertained when they are alone. It also comes with sisal scratching poles for cute climbers to develop healthy nails.

With its sleek design, the cat tree will fit seamlessly into any room and complement any decor style. Order now and give your kitties the ultimate play and relaxation experience with our BEASTIE Wooden Cat Tree!


* Pet-friendly, strong & firm, soft & comfy

* Multi-level design, lasting enjoyment

* Strong & stable wooden construction

* Odourless natural sisal, maintains claws

* Made to last, 9 strings of sisal spun up

* Capsule style transparent bowl, entertain naughty paws while relaxing

* Spacious condo, a cozy space to take a rest

* Thicker boards & wider poles

* We don¡¯t cut it short to save money

* Tilting prevention kit, ensures extra stability while having fun

* Satisfies kitties' instinctive feline behaviors

* Establishes sense of territory and security

* Protects your furniture :)

* SGS TUV certified formaldehyde free

* Easy to assemble


* Material

* Frame: 12mm MDF

* String: Natural sisal

* Bowl: Acrylic

* Cover: Plush

* Weight capacity: 80 kg

* Colour: Light Grey

* Dimensions: 40cm x 60cm x 141cm

Refer to dimension photo for detailed sizes

Package Contents

* 1 x Beastie cat tree

* 1 x Tilting prevention kit

* 1 x Assembly manual