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BEASTIE Cat Tree Scratcher Tower Scratching Post Condo House Furniture Wood 180CM

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BEASTIE Cat Tree - 180cm design

It is believed that, kitties come from the Heaven. No one knows if they enter our life or quite the other way around.

But we know for sure the BEASTIE Cat Tree accompanies them, brings them happy time, and an inner sense of security when they are alone.

Without BEASTIE cat tree, you would wait for open-the-door surprise everyday on which furniture is ruined. And your kitties will have unpruned claws if they have nowhere to satisfy their instinctive feline behaviors. Worse still, it's easy to gain weight without necessary exercise, and lacking territory brings no sense of security which will build timid or irritable character to your little ones.

The BEASTIE range is available in multiple colours and designs, browse our store and choose one that best suits your kitties. Get one now and start seeing the changes of having a cat tree at home!


* Eco-friendly, soft & comfy, strong & firm

* Odourless natural sisal

* Made to last, 9 strings of sisal spun up

* Strong & stable fir wood

* E1 standard wooden board

* Thicker boards & wider poles

* We don’t cut it short to save money

* Satisfies kitties' instinctive feline behaviors

* Establishes sense of territory and security

* Maintains claws and necessary exercise

* Protects your furniture :)

* SGS TUV certified formaldehyde free


* Material

* Frame: fir wood

* Cover: plush

* String: natural sisal

* Weight capacity: 80kg

* Tilting prevention kit

* Warranty: 1 years

* Colour: Black

* Dimensions: 61 x 51 x 180cm

Package Contents

* 1x Cat tree

* Tilting prevention kit

* Assembly manual

* 50% lucky dogs will get 1x bonus mouse toy